Got ourselves a lawyer

So proud of this pretty gal. She just graduated law school, going to do great things! 


Best part of wedding planning 

We’re less than 3 months away so invites will be coming soon! It’s nice to see it starts coming together but I must confess, the best part about planning a wedding is really, planning the HONEYMOON! 

We just booked our honeymoon and we’re so ecstatic that it’s going to be in BALI! We wanted something relaxing but with a bit of an adventure, so we’ll be staying in a mountain resort with gorgeous nature scenery then midway head to a beach resort for relaxation and endless sunsets! 😍

Positivity goodness

Last week we put an offer on a home and I received this fortune the same day. Usually I would toss these away but thought this time I should keep it for good luck. AND sure enough we got a call the next day! Offer accepted! We’re now in escrow and couldn’t feel more lucky! Thanks cookie! 

My steri-strip gets to come off today and it feels so good!

3 more months so wedding shenanigans is underway big time and I’m trying real hard to not freak out. If I’m telling you things are fine, things are probably fine, but know that I’m in sheer panic internally. Want to stop it, but can’t stop it. But hopefully I will get this all out of my system and I can just chill, right? Ok. Not right. I know. 

Life Update

My health is improving albeit at a much slower rate than I’d liked. We don’t have all the answers quite yet but a few things for sure is that my kidneys are not well thanks to some kidney stones. Turns out my kidneys have been making stones because my calcium levels were high. And the reason it was high was because of an abnormal hyperactive parathyroid gland. I underwent surgery recently to have it removed. Maybe I’m expecting too much but I’m hoping this surgery was all the answers we needed. 🙂

We put our home on the market a few weeks ago! *fingers cross* that the offer we accepted make it through closing early June. This process made me appreciate the home so much more. I have a feeling this last 1-2 months we have left here will be an emotional one. 

Our engagement shoot was featured on another wedding blog! I love Wedding Sparrow, so pretty neat we were featured 😊. You can check it out here:

And here’s a cute photo of Naimo just because.