Late night conversations

…about wedding planning.

Me to Kallen: I don’t think our budget is very realistic (hinting that we should increase by a couple of grand).

[a few seconds go by…]

Kallen to me: Maybe we should just elope.

We are completely on the same page. Nothing to worry here you guys.


4 years

imageSo here we are, 4 years, a house, two dogs, and a cat later. Taken at Artesa winery in Napa. Don’t be fooled, we not fancy, we know nothing about wine. We came, took photos, I accidentally ordered a glass when I meant to order a taster, and then went straight to downtown for shopping.

Come and gone


Kallen’s parents came to visit recently and to tell you the truth I was wrapped in a ball of nerves anticipating their arrival. When you have parental  staying at a home you’ve solely put together, it can be quite nerve-racking. I mean, a few misplaced toiletries can lead to who knows how many disconcerting judgmental thoughts.  But of course, my wee little mind always over analyze this sort of stuff and sure enough having them over as our first ever overnight guests wasn’t so bad. And a week later when they left, we were convinced we made a huge mistake when we didn’t think to talk them into staying forever. The house felt empty, despite two dogs and a kitty. heh. Maybe that’s a sign. Skip wedding planning shenanigans and just have babies. Maybe? haha nah..

And since we’re on the topic of wedding planning, can I just ask you, is it suppose to be this challenging? haha