Iceland, where to?

We’re finally getting around to planning our trip to Iceland in September and I can’t help but feel nostalgic about our trip to Amsterdam a few years ago. I’m really hoping the weather is in our favor and we won’t freeze our butts off every time we step out of our hotel. 

Super looking forward to seeing the northern lights! We’ll only be there for a few short days so crossing our fingers that skies are clear and the aurora shows up! 

Now for the big debate. To plan or not to plan a styled shoot. Pros: pretty pictures in gorgeous Icelandic scenery, duh. Cons: $$ for florals, models and dress rental. Womp womp womp. 

For now, I think it just makes more sense for Kallen and I to just enjoy our travels without worrying about putting together a styled shoot in such a short amount of time while also in a new country. Yes, I think I’ve decided. No styled shoot but totally open to do a shoot for a cool couple who’s down for some gorgeous pics on film. ūüėČ 


Too many thoughts 

When you have so many ideas going on at once you’re not sure where to focus. 

Kallen had a dream

He had a dream last night that I adopted a kitty. 

I asked him if he was mad at me.

He said no, but he remembered he was disgruntled and said “I’m not surprised.” Lol. 

And here’s a pic of my sisters kitty that may have sparked his dream: