The Script

What feels like a million years ago, but really, was only 2 years ago,  I wrote a 10-page script for a feature film and entered it into a competition. And now I’m a famous writer traveling world-wide and I constantly receive many requests from renown directors to be a staff writer in their films. Eh, one can dream, right.

Anyways, a friend of mine, a persistent one at that, have been wanting to get his hands on this script for the longest time. I must confess, I was, still am, slightly embarrassed about my writing and the material, and thus found numerous excuses to not let him read it.

Today, that same friend, nonchalantly, sent me a link to a youtube video.  That youtube video, just happens to be my (same) friend, as a presenter/speaker, at TED (f**kn) TALKs. My mind was blown.

Here’s the link:

He’s doing wonderful things and I’m proud. So proud, I finally decided it was time I share my script.

Well, maybe not it its entirety, not yet. But here’s a sneak peak. Who know’s maybe in another 2 years I’ll have the nerves to go wild and share the whole darn thing.

“Moon Seeking Truth in Stars copyright 2013. All rights reserved.


The title of the story, “Moon Seeking Truth in Stars” is a play on words derived from the English interpretation of the names of the 3 main characters, Yue (moon), Jun (truthful), and Sying (star). And to simply put it, the basis of the story can be extracted just from the title alone because Yue is essentially seeking truths (or more manipulatively so to speak, instilling expectations) in Sying (and the many “Syings” before him). Many individuals in relationships at one point or another develop certain hopes and expectations for their partners, whether it’s to make the bed, cook dinner, or surprise them with gifts. This story explores those aspects of relationships. But what happens when those expectations are not met everyone can guess, either they realize that their expectations are unrealistic, or they succumb to the disappointments from every unmet expectations leading them to fall out of love. In the case of Yue, she chooses the latter, many times over. She chooses Jun every time. This is an atypical story of a girl who finds love because Yue doesn’t find true love, she attempts to, but when she chooses Jun (believing she’s found true love) she reverts back to square 1. At the end of the story, it’s unclear if she’s actually back at square 1 because the person in the passenger seat is not revealed, which was done on purpose to allow the audience to complete the story how they would want the story to end.”

For all you directors out there reading this, please don’t steal this, if you do, please at least give me credit, and most importantly, send a check.


T minus 364 days

In 364 days, this will happen!

I asked Kallen what he’s most nervous about, he said he’s concerned about all the attention. If he could be invisible on our wedding day, he’d probably be the happiest groom ever. haha. Surely he’s not the first to feel this way, right?

Lack luster


I’ve been struggling with a few things about myself lately. I need some fixing but I don’t know how. Maybe I just need a night of word regurgitation. There’s so many things I want to do. Yet they’re the same things I’m afraid to start doing, perhaps due to fear of judgement, criticism, lack of support. Essentially what it is is my mind’s getting in the way of me wanting to be myself, having fun, throwing caution out the window. meh. I feel like all I do is complain about wanting change but have yet to do something significant about it.

On loop

“She’s watching Fringe again.”

Me to me.

When I’ve realized wedding really only took me 3 days to plan and now I have all the time in the world. Teehee