Floral DIY master (jk)


Am I allowed to be proud of myself? Because this bridal bouquet I arranged has made me want to do double takes 10 times over! I’ve heard bridal bouqs can cost upwards of $250 (just for one!) and I nearly fainted. I must admit I’m not the world’s smartest spender, but I try to cut corners if I have the confidence to pull it off. So when I saw pics of bridal bouqs, a wave of certainty came over me, and although I have no prior experience, I knew that this, this flower stuff, I can totally pull off, um…maybe. I had to be sure though, so I did a trial run. I had in mind some flowers I wanted to use, went to sf flower mart, spent $45 on roses, dahlias, billy balls, dusty millers, succulents, and pink stocks (thanks to bloombythebox.com for the 101 on flower names haha, helping me sound like a floral expert). And to be honest, I had so much fun assembling the bouquet! I even had some stems left over for a boutinier and a mini floral arrangement. Ā All this planning kinda makes me want to get into the wedding business. But the thought of dealing with bridezillas or just brides who don’t know what they want scares me. I’m sure wedding biz is stressful but can be extremely rewarding.


Two Nine


Age 19 vs. age 29. So much I’ve grown, so many lessons I’ve learned, and there’s so much more left to see/do/venture.