Oahu 2017 on film

Man oh man I’m so excited to share these film scans from our recent trip to Oahu!

Kallen and I woke up pretty early to capture these sunrises along the horizon. We basically drove along the coast and at any point I liked what I saw, Kallen would immediately (and safely) pull over. I appreciate this man so much for his support.


Doesn’t it look like a painting? Film makes images look so buttery smooth, it’s like a piece of art work. Now I understand what film photographers mean when they call themselves fine art film photographers!


China Man Hat. I love that film enables you to still see the mountains behind the fog (definitely something very difficult to capture digitally while still maintaining good exposure.)




Hitachi Tree!



My 5th time in Hawaii and I finally caught a glimpse of a turtle! This guy was pretty massive. He looked like he could have belonged on The Land Before Time (aw, now I feel nostalgic.)



If you haven’t already guessed it, my favorite color is yellow. 🙂


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