Intimate Fine Art Boudoir

One of my favorite sessions to date was this boudoir shoot. This was also my first time using black and white film, Ilford Delta 3200, and I’m so in love with it; The grain is so gorgeous! Give me another boudoir session and endless film and I can shoot for hours on end. I love how much creativity boudoir allows me to have and I seriously milk every moment of it!

Here’s a preview below:

And if you’re interested in booking a session for yourself or as a gift for your partner, contact me! 🙂


Half moon bay maternity session


I was so excited about this maternity session that I literally shot it the day after we returned from Japan.

This gold dress came from my closet and was actually a contender as a bridesmaid dress in my wedding. The straps are convertible and the material is so soft and stretchy, and also comes in many colors. Pretty sure if you search “convertible dress,” you’d have no problem with finding it and its many color variations.

This session was taken on medium format film, Fuji 400h (rated at 200), and scanned at my favorite lab, photovision.

You can see more of Thuy and this beautiful maternity session here.
This is her second baby and I feel so honored to be documenting this special, yet fleeting moment in her motherhood. Sending her lots of love for the rest of her pregnancy. Can’t wait to meet the little babe!

Japan on Film


This was our first morning in Japan. I took this right outside our airbnb in Tokyo at 4:30 in the morning. Yes, you saw that right. That means sun rises at 4:45am in Japan; the only time having jet lag came in handy.

More photos of our cute airbnb below:








Our host had a little 2 year old boy and he was so adorable. Our mornings were always filled with his sweet Japanese chatter, made being away from home and my pups a little more bearable.


Our first “meal” in Japan was these green tea scones filled with red bean paste. I know, so not what you expected, right? No worries, we made up for it with plenty of ramen, sushi, and udon during the rest of our trip.


Japan was filled with “best-thing-we ever-ate” and this was definitely one; the mille crepe. Yes, layers and layers of crepe. It was soft, light, airy, and… ugh…now I want one!





Animals will always have my heart, wherever I go.
Cat cafe, dog cafe, owl cafe, and hedgehog cafe, yes, we went to them all. And Nara’s Deer park? We visited it twice. The deers were cute and a bit aggressive if you have a biscuit. The trick to get them to bow to you? Bow to them first and reward them with a biscuit. You’re welcome. 🙂

So what do you do when you visit a country known for their beautiful shrines but you’re not really a shrine person? Well, if you’re anything like us, you’d just go to one shrine. So, no travel fatigue yet no FOMO (fear of missing out), it’s a win-win.



So, we chose the Fushimi Inari Shrine. The red gates are known as torii gates, donated by individuals and companies to bring them good fortune in their business endeavors. If you’re wondering if I thought about donating a gate in the name of my photography business, the answer is “yes, indeed.” But if you’re wondering if I had the $10k needed to purchase one, the answer is a resounding “nope.”


We didn’t enter this particular shrine, but I just simply wanted something on film in Kurama where we had a pretty relaxing time staying at a Ryokan and experiencing our first Onsen (hot spring.)

There’s still so much more that were taken on digital but I would say these were the highlight of our trip plus a few missing food photos. Pretty sure I came back with a 10 lb food baby. 😉


Life lately: photographer edition

Something exciting happened!

I had the opportunity to assist Bea from Luna de Mare Photography with two of her engagement sessions in SF last week and now I think I’m in love with her!

Also, in true SF fashion, my car got towed. I can never seem to enter and exit SF without a mishap. The last time I was there, I received a ticket for turning my wheels the wrong way on a slope. SF sure knows how to passive aggressively tell me I’m not welcomed there. Anyway, I’m just going to make like a persistent friend dying to get out of the friend zone and keep coming back for more because we all know SF is just trying to play hard-to-get, right? 🙂

Here are some behind the scenes of Bea in her element:

Then on Saturday, I was invited to take photos of some gorgeous florals from a wedding in Sausalito:

This floral chandelier can’t be anymore gorgeous! Vofloral at their best.

Can’t wait for these film scans to come back. I’m a little nervous though because the center of the hall was darker than I expected. I’m asking the lab to push the films a few stops, hopefully I made the right choice, but we’ll see!

What I’m even more excited about though is this pretty bride-to-be boudoir shoot! Gosh, if you ever have the opportunity to shoot boudoir, I can almost guarantee it will be one of your favorite kinds of sessions.

iPhone preview below. You bet I’ll be updating you with the film scans once they’re in!

Floral crown galore

My talented friend Trang from Vo Floral hosted an intimate floral crown workshop at Anthropologie Walnut Creek back in March and I had the pleasure of photographing all the fun! She blogged about it here. It was so exciting being surrounded by all that beautiful floral goodness. If I had just one green thumb I think I would love to be a florist for my next life. Thanks Trang for giving me the opportunity to tag along. I love supporting other talents in this industry. Can’t wait to see more exciting projects you have in the future! Also, have you seen these wings??



What happens when a 1 year old has more style than you

It’ll look something like this.


How adorable is this little guy?
Also, he makes for a great fitness trainer. I probably did 100 lunges while photographing this guy. It’s like a 3-in-1 deal: fun, fitness, and cuteness. You can see more of him and his impeccable taste in style here. I’m also sending this link to Kallen because he can definitely use a few pointers in that department, even from a 1 year old.

Alyssa on 35mm film

Can you believe these were taken on an old-school 35mm canon ae-1?? Me neither! And the good news, you can find similar cameras for less than $100 on ebay and amazon. Proof that you don’t necessary need expensive equipments. 🙂

Seeing these scans have been the highlight of my photography journey. You guys, I don’t think I’m ever going back to digital. Eh, at least not when I have great natural light available. Alyssa’s skin tones were exactly what I’ve always tried to achieve with digital. Even with endless hours of editing, I can never get the digital images quite right. But guess how long it took me to edit these photos? 5 minutes! Less time spent on my computer means more time snuggling and smooching Naimo and Machu, woot woot!

Oahu 2017 on film

Man oh man I’m so excited to share these film scans from our recent trip to Oahu!

Kallen and I woke up pretty early to capture these sunrises along the horizon. We basically drove along the coast and at any point I liked what I saw, Kallen would immediately (and safely) pull over. I appreciate this man so much for his support.


Doesn’t it look like a painting? Film makes images look so buttery smooth, it’s like a piece of art work. Now I understand what film photographers mean when they call themselves fine art film photographers!


China Man Hat. I love that film enables you to still see the mountains behind the fog (definitely something very difficult to capture digitally while still maintaining good exposure.)




Hitachi Tree!



My 5th time in Hawaii and I finally caught a glimpse of a turtle! This guy was pretty massive. He looked like he could have belonged on The Land Before Time (aw, now I feel nostalgic.)



If you haven’t already guessed it, my favorite color is yellow. 🙂