Floral crown galore

My talented friend Trang from Vo Floral hosted an intimate floral crown workshop at Anthropologie Walnut Creek back in March and I had the pleasure of photographing all the fun! She blogged about it here. It was so exciting being surrounded by all that beautiful floral goodness. If I had just one green thumb I think I would love to be a florist for my next life. Thanks Trang for giving me the opportunity to tag along. I love supporting other talents in this industry. Can’t wait to see more exciting projects you have in the future! Also, have you seen these wings??




3 signs I know I’m getting old

This past weekend I was in NOLA for a bachelorette party and as much as I want to say my 30 year old body/mind didn’t hold me back, well, I’m saying it, it definitely held me back. I couldn’t keep up with the other 20 year-olds. I know, I’m pretty sure I disappointed the bride-to-be. I’m disappointed in myself too. I already gave my sisters a fair warning for what’s to come (or not to come) for their future bachelorette parties.

Anywho, if you want a for sure way to find out if you’ve gotten old, go away for a weekend with some 20 year-olds.

Here’s 3 signs I saw this weekend that made me feel like a granny compared to everyone else:

1. Panicked every time someone suggested I take a shot.

2. The bed was like my best friend.

3. My drink of choice was water.

Fun times nonetheless. I also did a mini-photoshoot with the future Mrs.
Film photos to come probably end of next month because I’m too poor to justify shipping for only 1 roll of film.

DIY styling board

Don’t mind my little pup, he was too eager to lend me a hand, or a paw.

I had some canvases laying around in my garage and thought they’d be perfect to turn into styling boards so I did it! It literally took me less thank 15 minutes. Now I have a pretty backdrop to style invitation suites, rings, and other small details. 🙂

If you’d like to create your own styling board, you can check out the simple how to here.

First bloom!

You guys! My peony bloomed! I feel like a proud mama right now, it’s so beautiful! 

I planted them in the fall and wasn’t sure if they were even going to make an appearance this year. Actually, I planted 2 but only one so far has bloomed. It doesn’t look like the other one will make a peep anytime soon. But I’m still super happy this one did! 

I’ve been checking up on it everyday for the past few weeks. For awhile it looked like it was going to stay balled up until I saw a slither of color just yesterday! The recent storm apparently helped! A couple more years of this and I’ll have myself a pretty bouquet. Can’t wait! 😀

A good way to deal with baby fever


You know what’s a good way to deal with baby fever?
Spend time photographing other families with babies. That’ll usually help alleviate my fever until the next adorable munchkin makes its way to my social media feed.

Okay, so I might be bit oversharing, or this might be TMI, so a big warning to those who perhaps want to reconsider before reading further.

My menstrual is not regular and never has been. I’ve been using an app to track it for the past 2 years. The app is also suppose to help pinpoint the approximate time of my menstruation. In the past 2 years, it’s only been spot on ONE TIME. Otherwise, I’m usually about 1-2 weeks later than it predicts. You’re probably thinking this just might be a crappy app. BUT I’ve had friends used it with great accuracy. So yes, it’s not the app, it’s me.

Anyway, this month rolled around and I’m late, again. I see that I went through March without a cycle. But February was a short month so no big deal. A big part of me knew that this is likely nothing to kill more brain cells thinking about, but a tiny, peanut-size part of me was wondering what if I were pregnant. Then I had my period and that peanut-size part of me became a tad bit disappointed. We’re not ready and we’re not trying, of course. It’s just another surge of baby fever getting to me again I guess. Anyone else need a newborn session anytime soon? 😉

Behind the scenes styled shoot

Can you recognize her?? Me neither! But it’s me! I was asked to model for a small wedding styled shoot and it was like a dream come true for me!

What an honor I had to hold a real legit bouquet, one that I wished I had for my wedding. For those not aware, I DIY’d my bouquet and a part of me kind of regretted it! Yep, I said it! We also had a professional makeup artist for the shoot and she’s one of the best in the area. Makeup was another thing I DIY’d for my wedding that part of me wish I hadn’t, especially during our tear-induced ceremony. My face was not a pretty sight afterwards.

I can’t wait to see the photos! How many people can say they get to relive part of their wedding day again?  Not many, right? I felt so lucky! So thankful for all the vendors that came together. These were one of the most amazing women I’ve met. More on that later!

What happens when a 1 year old has more style than you

It’ll look something like this.


How adorable is this little guy?
Also, he makes for a great fitness trainer. I probably did 100 lunges while photographing this guy. It’s like a 3-in-1 deal: fun, fitness, and cuteness. You can see more of him and his impeccable taste in style here. I’m also sending this link to Kallen because he can definitely use a few pointers in that department, even from a 1 year old.