I regret…

…thinking my immune system is impenetrable. And now I lay in bed wishing my sinus would clear up, headache to ease and cough to go away, regretting that I put my then healthy lips on Kallen’s tainted bottle of water. Yuck. Awful. Mushy. That’s how I feel. And worst is I don’t have the guts to call in sick to work tomorrow because I just found out I’m a control freak and I don’t trust that my panel of patients will fall into experienced hands under such short notice.

And, and, and… I miss my babies. They’re at my mom’s at the moment. Don’t ask why I thought that was a good idea because I am such a ball a mess missing them. Yes, that was more regret.


Christmas love 

This is what 30+ years of Christmas together looks like. I love them so. 

Wish-I-had-a-sweater weather

Talented Jessica Kay did this and I’m so grateful we’ll have these to show our grandkids and I can tell them to wear a jacket if they plan to take pictures in November at Half Moon Bay (because that’s what grandmas do, right?). I was shaking so badly from the cold.

This photo probably says it all. Haha.

The return of…


My 90’s heart is thanking my ears endlessly right now for choosing a quiet chilly Sunday evening listening to this sweet wine sipping kinda tune. 

Umph! His voice sounds just as smooth as in them “Everytime I close My Eyes” days. 


Things I’ve been up to


Absolutely nothing… Just hanging out with these two after work.

And also finally clearing up space from my laptop after the 1,000th notice about my full disc and it refusing to save my very important excel sheet relating to all things wedding planning.

And also online Christmas shopping. I’ve made it my personal goal to not go to the mall during this time of the year. Seeing so many people in crowds unrelated to concert attendance gives me anxiety.

And also more wedding photography browsing, always.