Kiss the girl

Just in case you were wondering (most likely you weren’t, but if you were, that’d be quite perverted of you but I won’t judge), this is how we kissed in Bali. Yes, only in Bali, no where else do we engage in this sort of PDA activity. 😏.

On the beach below Banyan Tree hotel.

At the Ulun Danu temple.

I have no clue where this was. Google map labeled the location as Pancasari, so we’ll go with that!

At the Aling Aling waterfall.

And finally at the Jatiluwih rice terrace.


Sharing all your love and advice

I finally got around to reading all our love, advice, and well wishes cards from our wedding and I am so in love with them I decided to share most, if not all here, because free love advice? Why not. Haha

Some advice were more geared towards Kallen:

The one that’s funny yet practical:

And all the others that’s filled with love and solid marriage counseling-type tips (especially one about backstreet boys haha):

I shot Maternity photos!

Am I a legit photographer now?? Haha jk.

Thao has been a long time girl friend of mine since pharmacy school days and I’ve been so fortunate to have her and her husband as a friend. They are one of the kindest people I know and I love them so much!

Thao knew long before she had even gotten pregnant that she wanted me to do her makeup and style her maternity photoshoot so I was very excited. Then just a week and a half ago she asked me if I can shoot their photos too! I was nervous but at the same time I had a good feeling about it. We all went into it expecting only one or two good shots so we were really excited there were quite a few really good ones.

The night before the shoot, she had also requested a flower crown and bouquet, and you know if a pregnant woman ask you to do something, you do it! Lol. So I also put together her crown and bouquet that same morning in 30 min. Quite proud of myself over here!

I’m excited to see which one(s) they choose to blow up. 🙂

Back from our honeymoon…

We spent the last 8 days in Bali and I probably wanted a divorce ONLY about 100 times throughout the trip. Just kidding, it was just only on the last day, yes, all 100 times. 

Things were nice and relaxing until Kallen decided to be dehydrated and then started having a panic attack from said dehydration just as we were about to board our flight home. Instead of being supportive and caring, I’m ashamed to admit I turned bratty and before we know it, we were both on the ground in a battle of who can outcry whom. It was not pretty. He won of course. We stayed an extra night, him in a comfy hospital bed and me in a tiny unsleepable chair. You can probably tell I’m still bitter. Jk. All jokes aside, I’m glad he’s ok. Now we can look back and laugh about it. Just wanted to share this little real moment with you before the next post is all corny and possible travel-envy. 😉

12 hrs later

Heading to our honeymoon and this is us post 12hr flight. We’ve just landed in Taipei for a 3 hr layover and I must say I’m really excited because when I see Taipei, I think of two things, good noodle soup and milk teas! 😁

By the way, a good tip when you plan an oversea vacation, make sure you don’t forget to bring your debit card because you entrusted your new husband to bring his. But if you do trust he bring his, make sure it wasn’t just expired 2 days before your trip. 😪 Wish us luck, we only have on hand $100 usd. Let’s hope we remember to ask if they accept credit cards before we sit down for any large meals.