Official side gig

When you joke about adding maternity photographer to your resume but someone actually hires you. ­čśü

Cheers to this gorgeous couple, definitely made the job super easy.


Favorite hour

When golden hour makes even a pasta salad look gourmet. Hehe. Thus, reason number 437 why we love this home.

A few of my favorites 

Sharing a few of my favorite wedding pics (trust me, if the blog didn’t shut down every time I try to post 100 of these pics I’d totally share more! Also, photographer made it very hard to choose just a few haha). Jessica Kay deserves all the wonderful credits. ­čÖé


Faces of a 30 year old enjoying drinks that only she would ever order while on vacation:

Thoughts on having just turned 30:

It’s not as big of a deal as it may seem. There was no wailing, no panic attacks, no declaration that life is over.

We didn’t have an elaborate celebration. I actually spent that morning with my puppies, then drove to Sac for dinner with gf (she also had a birthday recently) and her husband. And the day prior, my gf’s and I got together for a painting class. It was pretty awesome. No huss, no fuss. ­čÖé