Official side gig

When you joke about adding maternity photographer to your resume but someone actually hires you. ­čśü

Cheers to this gorgeous couple, definitely made the job super easy.


Favorite hour

When golden hour makes even a pasta salad look gourmet. Hehe. Thus, reason number 437 why we love this home.

In disbelief 

I don’t want to get political, but can’t help my disbelief with seeing Trump’s name on this ballot. He’s unprepared, unfit, and would be the worst representation of our nation. End rant.


My last Saturday 

Finally wrote our thank you cards and it only took all of Saturday ­čśÂ.

Also, I figured out a way to share our wedding photos that doesn’t involve a crashing blog site. Hehe. You can see them at the link below.




A few of my favorites 

Sharing a few of my favorite wedding pics (trust me, if the blog didn’t shut down every time I try to post 100 of these pics I’d totally share more! Also, photographer made it very hard to choose just a few haha). Jessica Kay deserves all the wonderful credits. ­čÖé


Made me blush

Want to blush too? Give the song a listen. You won’t be mad, I promise.

Also, internally freaking out for the high school me because this has all that old school feels.




Faces of a 30 year old enjoying drinks that only she would ever order while on vacation:

Thoughts on having just turned 30:

It’s not as big of a deal as it may seem. There was no wailing, no panic attacks, no declaration that life is over.

We didn’t have an elaborate celebration. I actually spent that morning with my puppies, then drove to Sac for dinner with gf (she also had a birthday recently) and her husband. And the day prior, my gf’s and I got together for a painting class. It was pretty awesome. No huss, no fuss. ­čÖé