Day 5378 of Project 63


The before, the after, and the in betweens. This is a reminder that you can absolutely achieve it. Sure it took some miscalculations, some hard sweat and long hours, but the battle wounds kinda made the final product that much more special. 🙂 so what’s next? Ladder shelf for our shoes maybe?


Hell yes, I’ll meet you at the altar!

imageI found a guy I want to keep and he feels the same.

On May 15, 2015, this guy, full of nerves and all, asked me if I wanted to be his forever gal and I said…

Free…as in no charge

So I’ve been told I look younger with bangs. And at 28 going on 30, why not take the bait, right?

So I head to the salon. I felt good. I was optimistic. I thought this time will not be like the other times I’ve had my bangs annhilated, slightly mishandled.

Short story shorter (kinda like my bangs hah), I was wrong. But I kinda thought it looked cute nonetheless (oh the lies I tell myself). I think I spent more time consoling the hair stylist, trying to convince her in 2 short weeks it’ll grow to be how it should be, no worries. It’s not her fault my large forehead caused her miscalculation. But persuasion has never been my forté. As I head to the desk to pay, she insisted it was a complementary cut at no charge. Sweet deal, right? .haha… sigh…the lies I tell myself.

Time Travel


Starting this show tonight and instantaneously I’ve become a  hormonal teenage girl squealing every time Liz Parker and Max Evans make eye contact. And that opening song…. excuse me while I spend the rest of the night in my jammies reliving 1999.

Tennessee and Tenerife Sea

If there’s one thing you’d like to do before you die, what would that be?

Well in 2011, I said I’d like to see fireflies! Why not right? They’re practically twinkling stars on earth.

So! This June, we’re going to see them! In Tennessee! Teehee I’m so excited!

Now enclosing with lyrics from Ed’s Tenerife Sea:

I’m so in love! So in love! Lumiere, darling Lumiere over me…

.. you know, just because. 😊

Tiny struggle(s)

Dear future elderly me,

I’m struggling with pimples. Acne. There, I’ve confronted it. Will it leave soon? Or am I suppose to embrace it because on the “bright” side I’m distracted from worrying about wrinkles, crow’s feet, and sun damage? I hope at your age you’ve managed to convince me I gained so much of life’s beautiful experiences that I seize to worry about what’s on the surface. Oh right, at 80 you’re probably just thankful you can go to the bathroom on your own. The heck with grey hairs and wrinkles you’d probably say. No one has time for that. Haha. ok.

carry on,


A start

Dear future elderly me,

Gee I sure hope you still have somewhat of an eyesight because as you may have guessed it, this entire site is dedicated to you! And it would be such a shame if ya can’t physically see! I have high hopes though. Your eyesights are still intact. Your memories though, I can’t be so confident about. 😉 No worries, I’m here.

I am 28. I have a home with my boyfriend and two very adorable little short-legged doxie babies, Naimo (short for Nanaimo) and Machu (short for Machu Picchu). That’s all for now. I’ll keep it simple and sweet for this first post. 🙂

with care,