A different kind of fever

So you may have remembered this post about my now seemingly passing wish for being child free by choice.

Well, while hanging out with some friends this past weekend, I’ve come to admit that I have, indeed, been suffering from what is now common among women my age, baby fever. Not to say that I don’t worry about the possible consequences of bringing a new human being into this uncertain world, because I still do, but I’ve been trying to think more positively and optimistic.

Lately for some reason I’ve been noticing more how sweet Kallen is to our pups and I get a little giddy when I imagine him as a father. I think the driving factor in this baby fever have been maybe that (besides hanging with my friends’ super adorable babies). Kallen has always wanted to be a father and to start a family and I think I’m finally getting on board. I mean how can you not when you see such cuteness like her and him (ugh, my heart just melts).

But don’t worry, we’re still heeding most parents’ advice and take this time to enjoy our marriage before we start growing our family. In the mean time, these little nuggets still have our whole heart:


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