I was that person!

It happened on Wednesday and my heart is still racing from just thinking about what went down.

I was driving home from Trader Joe’s, exited a big exit and was in queue to turn left. Out of nowhere, a mama and her duckies came walking in front of my car, making their way towards the divider. I watched frantically as mama hopped onto the middle divider while all her little babies made failed attempts. All I could think was, “OH NO! THEY’RE STUCK! THEY’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!” Without hesitation, I turned on my emergency blinker, parked my car, ran over to them and grabbed as many duckies as I could in my arms and got them over the divider. As soon as they were on the other side, stupid me then realized now  they have all of the other side of the road to cross! At first I just tried to stop traffic from coming as mama and her duckies made their walk across. AND it felt like an eternity! Eventually I started to pick up some duckies (ashamed to admit in my state of frantic I may have thrown a couple a little too far) just so they can get to the other side quicker. More anxiety and stress followed as I realized they have no where to go, the area was fenced off. So now I’m on the sidewalk, again pushing mama ducky to get to a safer area. Thankfully, a nice man saw me, (initially asked if they were mine, no, but I kinda wish they were) and helped me push them to safety.

That was a lot more excitement than I needed for the year. Thanks.

Really wish I had photos of the duckies. They were so adorable.



Disposable camera wedding photos 

To celebrate our almost one year of wedding shananigans, here are some behind the scenes film images taken on my sisters disposable camera developed at our local CVS.

It may not be of the highest professional quality but I just love the authenticity and rawness of them so much! 

I’m renovating!

My website is undergoing a much needed facelift and it’s been quite a challenging journey trying to do it on my own. I’ve probably wanted to cry bloody murder and quit 10 times now. No wonder web designers get paid the big bucks. They deserve every penny! 
The good news? Lots of pretty coming your way! 

There’s still a lot kinks I need to work out. And a big question I’ve been pondering is whether to keep this blog separate or integrate it. I wonder if this blog is too personal. I like personal. But unsure if it will take away from the more professional route I’d like my business to take. If you guys have any thoughts, I’d love to hear!

This weekend was weird

Because life gets weird at times, if not all the time.

Another friend of ours was married this past weekend and it was such a beautiful celebration. However, I wish I could have enjoyed it more. Because just hours before, I was at a funeral for my best friend’s father. It was also so beautiful in its own way. Heart-breakingly beautiful.

I’m okay with having less of these oxymoron weekends if possible please.

Intimate Fine Art Boudoir

One of my favorite sessions to date was this boudoir shoot. This was also my first time using black and white film, Ilford Delta 3200, and I’m so in love with it; The grain is so gorgeous! Give me another boudoir session and endless film and I can shoot for hours on end. I love how much creativity boudoir allows me to have and I seriously milk every moment of it!

Here’s a preview below:

And if you’re interested in booking a session for yourself or as a gift for your partner, contact me! 🙂

And the wait continues 

Trying to wait patiently for my film scans to hit my inbox like:
Is it here yet? *refresh inbox 5 seconds later*

In other news, we recently attended the first wedding of the year (also the first wedding since we gotten married) and it felt nice being on the other side this time getting to relax and enjoy our meal and catch up with friends.

Another exciting news! I attended a styled shoot workshop a few days ago filled with dream-team vendors! I can’t wait to share the images! Film scans coming soon!