Lots of love for our parents

They were the most mellow parents when it came to our wedding, unexpectedly so. They could have easily been dramatic in every way because our wedding didn’t quite fall in with tradition. 

Here are some of the few traditions we didn’t follow:

1. Vietnamese engagement with roasted pig.

2. Vietnamese tea ceremony with many loads of gifts and roasted pig.

3. 300+ guests reception at Chinese banquet hall. 

4. Wearing a traditional red ao dai.

5. Having an intimate guest list of 125 people.

6. Blush color wedding dress instead of white.

7. No 10 course meal, instead a Korean/Japanese cuisine and sushi buffet.

But I honestly am so grateful for them for their support. They allowed us to follow our hearts and host a wedding we’re truly happy about. It reflects us well and our guests seemed to enjoy themselves fully.


Can’t stop watching 

Our videographer did the most phenomenal job on our wedding highlight video and I can’t stop, won’t stop watching. It’s too good not to share so a link to the video is below along with the password. 


Password: 20160820

Awkward turtle media, you’re so talented. Pretty sure you’re going to be filming every one of our family’s wedding in the future. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

Vow for my hubby


Wow, 5 years and look at us now. Gosh, what took you so long?? jk.

I remember when I first met you during our first year of pharm school and I thought you were kinda cute. Then the second time I met you at the end of our 3rd year and I thought, man I think I’m going to marry you. haha. no really. I knew you were the one, technically not the first moment, but the second moment I met you. And my sister, Melin can vouch for me. During that graduation week, I asked her, “hey do you want to see a picture of my future husband?” then I showed her a picture of you. I mean, I didn’t want to look like a fool, so I quickly told her I was just joking. But, hey, we’re here now, and in about 3 min. and 30 secs, I can say, “hey, Mel, do you want to see a pic of my Husband?” haha.

But man, didn’t these 5 years just flew by?

During our first year, we got to know each other. We found out I was the wild one and you were the home body. I like the arts and you like the sports. I am the one with the big plans to travel the world and you gladly went along. 

During our second year, we moved in together into a tiny studio apartment. It was a lot of fun. This was where I realized, we could be in the same room for 24hrs/day and don’t get on each other’s nerves. It was always exciting to come home to you or anticipating the moment you’d come home. We binged watched a lot TV series like Dexter and Fringe. Our bond couldn’t have grown stronger without our mutual crush on Joshua Jackson. Hehe jk he was my crush. But despite how happy we were, we knew something was always missing.

So come our third year together, we bought our first home, only so we can adopt our babies, Naimo and Machu. We can both agree that they became the light of our lives. Through them, I watch you become the most affectionate, caring person. I want to thank you for all those early mornings you let our babies out to let me sleep in. You may not be the greatest with giving gifts, surprises, and planning dates and trips, but when you let this not-so-morning person sleep in, it means so much more to me than any thing.

During our fourth year, I decided I really like you, like a lot, and I think you thought the same with me. You proposed to me in the intimacy of our home accompany by our babies. and I cried like a baby. Because for many years it was difficult for me to imagine that I’d like someone this much and he feeling the same. I think we compliment each other. We both makeup for each other’s short-comings. You do the laundry while I cook. You take care of our finances and I take us on creative ventures.  

We had a lot of happy moments, but we had some stressful ones as well. There was one particularly stressful time that had made me fear if we’d even get to where we are now today. It was earlier this year that I became really sick. There were many months of doctor’s visits, vials after vials of blood tested, x-rays, ultrasounds, cat scans, bone marrow biopsy, hospital visits, it seemed endless and the longer it took the doctors to find my diagnosis, I started to think of the worse. You tried to reassure me things were going to be ok. You researched the possible cause of every weird lab results, and informed me of the more optimistic ones you found. 

It was really tough to keep myself from going to those dark thoughts. Planning the wedding kept me somewhat busy, but I guess not quite busy enough because before we even both realized it, were were in the process of selling our home, 3 months before the wedding. it kinda help kept my mind off of my declining health, just for a moment. During that time, I had a lot of questions. I wondered if we should continue planning the wedding. And one day, I asked you if we were doing the right thing, selling our home. especially because in the back of my mind, my health was so terrifyingly uncertain. and you said, “regardless of what happens to you, I want you to be happy and if this house doesn’t make you happy, then we have to find one that does.” I’d never forget that moment. Thank you for giving me that and thank you for being there for me through all of it. I had surgery 2.5 months ago. I’m okay now and I’m so glad to be standing here with you and in front of everyone that we care deeply about. 

I want you and everyone to know that I want us. I want our cute little family with baby naimo and machu, maybe also one or two human babies in the future. 

I love you. Let’s be together, stay together, and grow old together. yea?

Excuse my drunken mess

For every person at Asia SF last weekend, I appologize for my drunken mess. 

To my girls, thanks for a kick a** night! I was hesitant about having a bachelorette party because my almost-30-year-old self wanted to keep it classy, but let’s be honest, me plus alcohol does not equal classy. But it does equal loads of fun haha I’m so corny.