My dress is here!

Maybe I’m overshearing here but I’m just so in love with it I can’t help it. 🤗

During the beginning process of dress shopping, I overheard a future bride expressing early dress buying remorse. So naturally I became paranoid I might feel the same. But I’m glad to report that thus far, with 8 months left to go, I still feel I chose the right one 😌.


Choosing to be happy


I haven’t been in the brightest moods since the year started and it had a lot to do with a 4 letter thing called work. Work has been exhausting. It may have pushed me towards depression and is the reason behind my lack of happiness lately. It’s not to say I don’t enjoy what I do. I love what I do when I’m in it. But I’m realizing I don’t love that it takes away time that I’d like to have with my family, puppies, friends, and myself. So, wanting things to change, I’ve requested that I only be scheduled 4 days a week. Just the thought of having one free weekday has gotten my skin oozing with joy. I must say though this has been something I’ve wanted to do for a almost a year now. I think it’s probably taken me this long to implement because I couldn’t push away the sense of guilt I’d have leaving my work for some one else to do. But at the risks of losing my sense of life’s enjoyment, I realized I needed change, badly. I dated a guy who was pretty good about reminding me of this; that when I need to make a choice, I should always choose whatever makes me happy.

Our little home grew something for us 

 After a year and a half, our little lemon tree finally made its full debut. It’s quite an accomplishment considering I’ve killed every plant we’ve owned 😔. 

I want to make big plans with these lemons, like giving them to my mom. She can always use a lemon or two. Eh, let’s be real. I’d likely go as far as just making lemonade. I am the laziest, yes, total self awareness always.