Alyssa on 35mm film

Can you believe these were taken on an old-school 35mm canon ae-1?? Me neither! And the good news, you can find similar cameras for less than $100 on ebay and amazon. Proof that you don’t necessary need expensive equipments. 🙂

Seeing these scans have been the highlight of my photography journey. You guys, I don’t think I’m ever going back to digital. Eh, at least not when I have great natural light available. Alyssa’s skin tones were exactly what I’ve always tried to achieve with digital. Even with endless hours of editing, I can never get the digital images quite right. But guess how long it took me to edit these photos? 5 minutes! Less time spent on my computer means more time snuggling and smooching Naimo and Machu, woot woot!


Oahu 2017 on film

Man oh man I’m so excited to share these film scans from our recent trip to Oahu!

Kallen and I woke up pretty early to capture these sunrises along the horizon. We basically drove along the coast and at any point I liked what I saw, Kallen would immediately (and safely) pull over. I appreciate this man so much for his support.


Doesn’t it look like a painting? Film makes images look so buttery smooth, it’s like a piece of art work. Now I understand what film photographers mean when they call themselves fine art film photographers!


China Man Hat. I love that film enables you to still see the mountains behind the fog (definitely something very difficult to capture digitally while still maintaining good exposure.)




Hitachi Tree!



My 5th time in Hawaii and I finally caught a glimpse of a turtle! This guy was pretty massive. He looked like he could have belonged on The Land Before Time (aw, now I feel nostalgic.)



If you haven’t already guessed it, my favorite color is yellow. 🙂

Dublin state of mind

We came back from Hawaii a few days ago and I immediately jumped into back-to-back photoshoots, one which included chasing around a soon-to-be 1 year old toddler. He was the cutest thing and definitely gave me a good workout. My thighs are still so sore from all the lunges and squats while trying to stay at an eye level of 2ft tall.

While I love exploring, traveling, and shooting, I’m so glad to finally have a day to just be home and relax with my puppies (and giving them kisses every 10 seconds). We desperately missed them while on vacation and vowed we’re never going anywhere without them again (but after Japan and Iceland haha). This feels nice to catch up on guilty pleasure shows for a minute (anyone has a favorite on The Voice yet? I’m really digging Kawan)! Kinda wish I can stay home snuggling up to the pups all day everyday (well, at least until I become wonderlust again 😁).

I think I’m addicted

I did it. I purchased a Contax 645. This is like the holy grail of professional medium format film cameras. *ish is about to get real (I’ve never used *ish before, did I do that right?).

I haven’t taken it out to shoot yet. But we’re leaving for Hawaii in T-minus 2 days and I’m so elated to use it I didn’t sleep well for the last 3 nights. I go to bed reading about it. I dream about going on shoots with it, then I wake up with images in my head from said fake shoots. It’s a bit overwhelming. And I think it might be an… addiction? obsession? Or maybe I’m just anxious. I’m a mess.

And to make matters a bit more conflicting, I can’t help but feel guilty. It was a pretty large purchase. I didn’t have to sell a kidney nor touch my safety net but it still hurt especially because I try to not buy “stuff” nowadays, let alone “stuff” that’s top dollar. I wonder if Kallen wishes I had a different kind of passion. Maybe something that involves less spending of money, like a curator for online drool-worthy images of desserts (Tous les Jours desserts alone would be all the content it needed haha). But you know, I bet he’s glad I don’t have an obsession with designer handbags and shoes though. Not to bash anyone else who does (you do you, girl). But for me, that type of obsession would cause recurring  spending of huge sums of money that adds no value to my life, personally.

But back to this new obsession: I think a chunk of my guilt comes from wanting to practice minimalism. I talked about The Minimalists in this post back in December. Can I justify myself though and say I did do a lot of research and weighed my options. I knew wanting to do photography professionally meant I would eventually need to upgrade my camera. I wanted to be a one camera/one lens type of girl and be the best I can with it. So I needed to be selective. I considered the digital canon mark III but as soon as I heard about the Contax 645, I became hooked. Primarily because a part of me longed to learn how to shoot film. I also purchased a beginner Canon Ae-1 to help me ease into film but impulse got the best of me and I had to snatched a Contax 645 (with an 80mm Zeiss lens!) as soon as I found one (darn those successful marketing tools truthfully telling me they’re in limited supplies!). I definitely plan on taking it EVERYWHERE we travel (we’ve planned a trip for Japan and Iceland this year btw, eek!). And I’m not sure how anyone can be more excited about already traveling to Japan and Iceland but ever since this camera came into my life, I am just jumping off walls with excitement. I can’t wait to capture some pretty cherry blossoms and Icelandic horses on film! Woohoo! Hey, do you think I’m addicted?


His first hail

Boy from Hawaii experienced his first hail storm and it was really cute. We were outside this morning with me pulling weeds and him cleaning the gutters (yes, the exact kind of things romance novels are written about). Then one minute the sun was shinning brightly, the next minute the sky looked like it was falling. Kallen was so excited. The whole thing was so innocent and beautiful to witness.

Want to feel beautiful?

If you’re up for the adventure, I’d definitely suggest partaking in a boudoir session!

I know it can be intimidating. You’re bearing all of you in your undies/neglige. You may be self-conscious about certain areas of your body. We all are. But I think that’s more reasons to do a boudoir shoot. It’s meant to celebrate you, your natural essence, and your every curve, bumps, and angles.  It’s meant to help you feel empowered, help you see your own beauty and be more comfortable in your own perfectly imperfect skin.

Okay, so I haven’t done one myself. But honestly, after shooting one, I would do one in a heart beat, and definitely with the right photographer.