Featured on Magnolia Rouge! 

Our amazing photographer Jessica Kay was featured on wedding blog Magnolia Rouge! To check out the cuteness overload that is always Naimo and Machu, check out the feature at http://www.magnoliarouge.com/inspiration/california-coast-engagement-photos-with-puppies/


Going on 2 month-long battle

Remember that week-long battle I mentioned?
Turns out I was more naive than I thought.

The cough is still holding on like it’s loving the little home it made in my lungs. And my night sweats have made sleeping less than favorable. My doctor has turned me into a pin cushion, doing blood tests so often that lab technicians now remembers me. My blood count is so low even my 85 year old patients have better counts than I do. My kidneys are not looking so chirpy either. My doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong with me. Hematologist doesn’t know what’s wrong with me. And of course when things aren’t as clear-cut in the medical world, it’s difficult not to think the worse.

We’re still hoping it’s just a viral infection gone haywire.