Cutest baby bump

Thuy’s having another baby and I’m so excited for her! Also, can I look this good too please if/when this happens? For more of her cute baby bump, check it out here.



Flooding in CA? What is this sorcery?

It’s almost like there was a documentary recently that made these predictions. Oh wait, there was! Before the Flood. Oh the irony. But I bet climate change deniers are likely still not convinced. Bummer.

By the way, if your generous heart is asking how you can help, you can donate here.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.29.16 PM.png

First film camera

Well hello there, beautiful!

Venturing into film photography as a beginner with a tiny budget meant choosing this oldie but goodie, Canon AE-1. I know, this 35mm doesn’t come anywhere close to a Contax 645, which I hope one day to rent/own, but I’m hoping it’ll help me get a step closer to where I eventually want to be as a photographer. I’ve been shooting in full manual mode ever since I picked up my Sony alpha 2.5 years ago to document the growth of Naimo and Machu from young teeny pups. But manual focus was one thing I haven’t played around with yet, thanks to my Sony’s trusty auto focus. But I’m escatic, truly, to learn this new skill and in turn have more control in capturing my ideal images. Can’t wait to test this baby out once my light meter arrives!

New adventure

Canceled photoshoots today due to weather means I get to cuddle up with this freshly delivered piece of gem.

I love the look of film. The natural skin tones, grain, and how light is broken up in film photos are so dreamy. It’s been challenging for me to achieve that same look with digital. So I’m venturing out, and taking myself on a new journey to learn and shoot film. Woohoo! Am I overwhelmed? Hell yes. Wish me luck?

Mediocre Valentine 

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day. After eating our leftover lunch for dinner at home, Kallen romantically took us to Tous Les Jours (a pastry shop 2 min. away from our place) and generously allowed me to pay for all 5 desserts. Ain’t I the luckiest girl?

Hi buds

Official sprouting of my peonies! I forgot to label them so I’m taking a huge guess that the top is my coral charm and the bottom is coral sunset? So at the rate of which they’re growing, I might be lucky and have my first floral bud this year!

The Secret

A few years ago, about a year into Kallen and my relationship, I was curious about what the universe thought about our compatibility so I stumbled upon this site, The Secret Language of Relationships.

I entered both our birth dates and sure enough, the universe believes our relationship is “muted but direct”.  Here’s a snippet to what that meant: “This relationship works surprisingly easily in many areas of life. The emphasis here is on an easy emotional give-and-take. An immediate understanding often emerges between these two, accompanied by a muted but direct sort of communication.” This is really interesting because it’s pretty accurate. I’ve always felt we got along really well. We hardly fought, and when we did, it wasn’t difficult to come to a mutual understanding.

This part stood out the most to me: “The couple has a tendency to serve others, and should they marry, this trait will be magnified, auguring well for raising children, keeping pets or caring for each other, particularly in advancing years.” At that time, I think this was the perfect reassurance that I was with the right person. 5 years, 2 homes, and 2 puppies later, I’d say I’m still well reassured. I’ll report back though when I’m 80. 🙂

And if you’re curious to see our entire assessment, check it out here.