What’s been on my mind

The minimalists.

Specifically, these guys: http://www.theminimalists.com

And if you have Netflix, you can watch their documentary “Minimalism.” I highly recommend it. When Kallen and I finished watching it last night, I kept hoping for more.

I’ve been reading their blog and listening to their podcasts for the past month. It’s helped me simplified certain thoughts I’ve been having, whether it was debt, work, passion, or personal relationships.

Their question is simple–Have you ever considered living a more meaningful life? How about living a more meaningful life with less? Less stuff. Less distractions. Allowing room for more time, more freedom.

I love their concept. I highly recommend their blog and podcasts as well (especially the one about debt!)

We’re a long way from ever calling ourselves minimalists (although Kallen might already be one, the guy buy clothes like once a year, if even), but it feels good to want to actively pursue a more meaningful life. Getting rid of excess things we don’t need/use (lots of de-cluttering Kallen and I need to do, we know). Buying things more deliberately and doing things with intention.

You may think minimalism is a crazy idea to throw around, especially in light of Christmas just 5 days away! Truth be told, Christmas is not my favorite holiday. It comes with so much anxiety and stress from obligations to get gifts for people. So you can bet how excited I was that this year, our family of 7 siblings decided to partake in Secret Santa instead. Woohoo!! Big sigh of relief over here. Kallen and I decided not to do gift exchanges either, and I like it!





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