3 signs I know I’m getting old

This past weekend I was in NOLA for a bachelorette party and as much as I want to say my 30 year old body/mind didn’t hold me back, well, I’m saying it, it definitely held me back. I couldn’t keep up with the other 20 year-olds. I know, I’m pretty sure I disappointed the bride-to-be. I’m disappointed in myself too. I already gave my sisters a fair warning for what’s to come (or not to come) for their future bachelorette parties.

Anywho, if you want a for sure way to find out if you’ve gotten old, go away for a weekend with some 20 year-olds.

Here’s 3 signs I saw this weekend that made me feel like a granny compared to everyone else:

1. Panicked every time someone suggested I take a shot.

2. The bed was like my best friend.

3. My drink of choice was water.

Fun times nonetheless. I also did a mini-photoshoot with the future Mrs.
Film photos to come probably end of next month because I’m too poor to justify shipping for only 1 roll of film.


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