A good way to deal with baby fever


You know what’s a good way to deal with baby fever?
Spend time photographing other families with babies. That’ll usually help alleviate my fever until the next adorable munchkin makes its way to my social media feed.

Okay, so I might be bit oversharing, or this might be TMI, so a big warning to those who perhaps want to reconsider before reading further.

My menstrual is not regular and never has been. I’ve been using an app to track it for the past 2 years. The app is also suppose to help pinpoint the approximate time of my menstruation. In the past 2 years, it’s only been spot on ONE TIME. Otherwise, I’m usually about 1-2 weeks later than it predicts. You’re probably thinking this just might be a crappy app. BUT I’ve had friends used it with great accuracy. So yes, it’s not the app, it’s me.

Anyway, this month rolled around and I’m late, again. I see that I went through March without a cycle. But February was a short month so no big deal. A big part of me knew that this is likely nothing to kill more brain cells thinking about, but a tiny, peanut-size part of me was wondering what if I were pregnant. Then I had my period and that peanut-size part of me became a tad bit disappointed. We’re not ready and we’re not trying, of course. It’s just another surge of baby fever getting to me again I guess. Anyone else need a newborn session anytime soon? 😉


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