Confessions of a photographer

It has officially been almost 6 months since I (accidentally) started this creative journey into photography and I want to say that it’s been one of the best things to happen. I’ll admit though the process has been daunting and filled with self doubt. Every time a client cancels a shoot, my ego takes a hit. But I think what helps me keep trekking along, moving forward down this path, is the amount of joy I feel from it. All of it. Whether I’m capturing love between couples/families, life growing inside an expecting mother, or the empowering beauty of a woman’s body, I love every bit of it. Recently, I’ve been dabbing a bit into shooting film and it feels so good! I haven’t developed my first roll yet so maybe all this excitement is really the anticipation of seeing the final image, but regardless, I’m so glad I’m heading in this direction. I have to be honest though that this journey has caused a big dent in our wallets. Professional cameras are expensive. Film is expensive. The experience though to get to do something I really enjoy is priceless. So thankful to Kallen and his support. Although, pretty soon he would want to start charging me for his labor for moving furniture a la when you turn your home into a studio for a boudoir shoot.

And here’s a sneak preview from said shoot:

So much beauty inside and out!


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