The Secret

A few years ago, about a year into Kallen and my relationship, I was curious about what the universe thought about our compatibility so I stumbled upon this site, The Secret Language of Relationships.

I entered both our birth dates and sure enough, the universe believes our relationship is “muted but direct”.  Here’s a snippet to what that meant: “This relationship works surprisingly easily in many areas of life. The emphasis here is on an easy emotional give-and-take. An immediate understanding often emerges between these two, accompanied by a muted but direct sort of communication.” This is really interesting because it’s pretty accurate. I’ve always felt we got along really well. We hardly fought, and when we did, it wasn’t difficult to come to a mutual understanding.

This part stood out the most to me: “The couple has a tendency to serve others, and should they marry, this trait will be magnified, auguring well for raising children, keeping pets or caring for each other, particularly in advancing years.” At that time, I think this was the perfect reassurance that I was with the right person. 5 years, 2 homes, and 2 puppies later, I’d say I’m still well reassured. I’ll report back though when I’m 80. 🙂

And if you’re curious to see our entire assessment, check it out here.




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