What went wrong – wedding edition

Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, so surely, our wedding day was no exception. You may not have guessed it though from our pictures (our photographer did a great job at hiding them chaos and flaws). Looking back now, there was a lot to laugh about and I’m wonderfully reminded of how beautiful it was from family and friends, but I just want to keep it real for a moment and do a recap of what went wrong–wedding edition.

There were a lot of minor things that happened like forgetting to have all the glasses set standing up, chairs unfolded, given the wrong rings during the ring exchange, wrong mix of songs during guests mingling, and one of my sisters’s boyfriend deciding to hand-wash his car that afternoon, causing her to be late, pushing our timeline back leading to missing picture time with guests.

But those were all very minor. Perhaps we could’ve planned a little better to avoid it. But it was understandable that things would go wrong and these were some minor hiccups that happened. No big deal.

The BIGGEST DEAL however, was our cat. That morning of our wedding, she decided to run away. Yes, out of all the days she could have done it, she chose that morning! Definitely unforeseen.  The whole family was in distraught. My parents were crying, yes, there were tears, and not the happy kind. It was really depressing. I almost didn’t want to say our vows because I felt like it couldn’t have been a more worse day. I’m so dramatic I know! LOL. But thankfully 4 days later, she came back.

And fortunately for our photographer and videographer,  our wedding was beautiful, and we’ll get to remember it as that. 🙂


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