Emotional Spectrum


I watched this documentary and honestly felt all the spectrums of feelings there were. Anger, hurt, sadness, disappointment, frustration, helplessness, all the feels. Angry because there are people still ignorantly denying the changes in our climate despite news of floods, fires, and drought (i.e Trump and pretty much all his supporters and endorsers). Hurt because we’ve known of this issue for so long, yet still have no real ways to address it. Sad because scientists’ predictions of our earth at the rate we’re going leaves such a dim future I question the fairness of wanting to bring a new child into such a depressing world. Disappointed that our nation doesn’t make this more of a primary focus when other nations like Sweden are on their way, if not already there, to using 100% renewable energy. Frustrated that resources for using renewable energy is not more affordable and easily accessible. Helpless because with half of our nation still in denial of climate changes, can we still make the appropriate changes to stop or reverse what we’ve done to Mother Earth.

I know, such a Debie downer, sorry.


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