Lots of love for our parents

They were the most mellow parents when it came to our wedding, unexpectedly so. They could have easily been dramatic in every way because our wedding didn’t quite fall in with tradition. 

Here are some of the few traditions we didn’t follow:

1. Vietnamese engagement with roasted pig.

2. Vietnamese tea ceremony with many loads of gifts and roasted pig.

3. 300+ guests reception at Chinese banquet hall. 

4. Wearing a traditional red ao dai.

5. Having an intimate guest list of 125 people.

6. Blush color wedding dress instead of white.

7. No 10 course meal, instead a Korean/Japanese cuisine and sushi buffet.

But I honestly am so grateful for them for their support. They allowed us to follow our hearts and host a wedding we’re truly happy about. It reflects us well and our guests seemed to enjoy themselves fully.


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