This one is for my boo

I like to think I’m very self aware and right now I’m pretty aware that I’m acting like the biggest baby. The virus or whatever I had didn’t quite go away completely so I’m still getting night sweats but yesterday after work, I felt the headaches and malaise and I freaked out. I loaded myself with food before I passed out at 6:45pm unwillingly (because waking up on an empty stomach is not the business) but not before I asked kallen to take out the trash and watch the puppies. I really wanted to take out the trash because I wanted the compost dumped and Kallen had already wash the pile of dishes, and I like things to be fair in our relationship. But lately this guy did it all with no complaints, ever. So, this is an appreciation post for him. I tell him I appreciate him too, maybe that’s why he doesn’t complain. 🙂


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