Free…as in no charge

So I’ve been told I look younger with bangs. And at 28 going on 30, why not take the bait, right?

So I head to the salon. I felt good. I was optimistic. I thought this time will not be like the other times I’ve had my bangs annhilated, slightly mishandled.

Short story shorter (kinda like my bangs hah), I was wrong. But I kinda thought it looked cute nonetheless (oh the lies I tell myself). I think I spent more time consoling the hair stylist, trying to convince her in 2 short weeks it’ll grow to be how it should be, no worries. It’s not her fault my large forehead caused her miscalculation. But persuasion has never been my forté. As I head to the desk to pay, she insisted it was a complementary cut at no charge. Sweet deal, right? .haha… sigh…the lies I tell myself.


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